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CV of the PI: Sergi Valverde

Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF)
Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta 37-49
E-08003 Barcelona

Professional Information

Selected Publications

Valverde, S., Vidiella, B., Montañez, R., Fraile, A., Sacristán, S., García-Arenal, F. (2020) Coexistence of nestedness and modularity in host–pathogen infection networks. Nature Ecology and Evolution 4 568–577 Link . See also: "Infections come in threes: viral infections of plants cannot be isolated from their environment" Link .

Valverde, S., Piñero, J., Corominas-Murtra, B., Montoya, J., Joppa, L., Sole, R. (2018) The Architecture of Mutualistic Networks as an Evolutionary Spandrel. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2 94-99. Link .

Valverde, S. (2016) Major Transitions in Information Technology. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 371: 20150450. Link .

Valverde, S. and Sole, R. V (2015) Punctuated Equilibrium in the Large-Scale Evolution of Programming Languages. Journal of the Royal Society Interface12: 20150249. Link .

Valverde, S., Ohse, S., Turalska, M., West, B. J., and Garcia-Ojalvo, J. (2015) Structural Determinants of Criticality in Biological Networks. Front. Physiol. 6: 127 Link.

Weitz, J. S., Poisot, T., Meyer, J. R., Flores, C. O., Valverde, S., Sullivan, M. B., Hochberg, M. E. (2013) Phage-bacteria infection networks Trends in microbiology. 21(2): 82-91 Link.