Innovation as a Complex System: Technological evolution and Emergence of Computational Creativity

11 Dec 2014

A conference by Sergi Valverde within the frame of the international symposium Interactivos?14. Rethinking collective behavior and action.

Will machines in the future be able to show an intelligence similar to humans? What will the social implications of Artificial Inteligence be? In this conference, we want to discuss these matters from the point of view of the theory of complex systems. We will consider that innovation is a system, instead of a collection of different objects. Technological evolution offers a unique frame for innovation processes. We can learn a lot about the mechanisms and principles of innovation by observing the history of great inventions. For example, the history of technology helps us understand the present scenario, and also to think of the possible future scenarios of social evolution. The other component of innovation is creativity, and we are only starting to understand its nature by combinig neuroscience and computer simulations. Read more.

Conference available here.